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Super Sleuth!!

Students have till the end of February to get their guesses in for the new Mystery Artist. Here are the clues:

  • This French sculptor was born in 1840 in Paris, France.
  • Repeatedly rejected by the E`cole des Beaux-Arts, he earned his living by doing decorative stonework.
  • Sculpture's realism was so great that he was accused of forming its mold on a living person.
  • Became so successful he established a workshop where he executed only molds, leaving the casting of bronze and the carving of marble to assistants.
  • Created such works as: The Gates of Hell, Dyanmic Bust of Victor Hugo, The Thinker and Winged Victory.

Tuesday, May 31st - Friday, June 3rd

This camp is designed to offer hands-on and educational arts experiences designed for children of all ages. Camp this year will ONLY be 1 group. Lessons will be adjusted or differentiated for various age levels. Also, camp times are longer to make up for the shorter week ). Camp will be taught by Mrs. Toot, an art educator in the Mentor Exempt Vill S/D. Each day will provide fun, exploration and learning in and through the arts; an introduction to the work and life of well-known artist or movements; art-making activities inspired by the work of the artist or artists under study; and exposure to a wide variety of arts media and techniques. Cost of camp for the week is $100.00 and will be held at St. Mary’s School cafeteria in Chardon.

Here is the link for the complete camp forms: https://www.smore.com/xnb4y


Camp Application

Summer Art Camp 2016 Registration Form

Please Print Clearly:

Please complete a separate registration form for each child - photocopies acceptable.

Child’s Name ________________________________Birth date - ____________Age___________



E-mail address (please print)________________________________________________________

Grade ’16-‘17______________School attending_____________________________

T-Shirt size Please take into consideration some shrinkage of t-shirts)


Child Medium

Child Large

Child X-large

Adult Small

Adult Medium

Adult Large

Adult Extra Large

Parent/Guardian Name______________________________ Relationship ____________________ Phone ___________________

Name______________________________ Relationship ____________________

Phone ____________________

Emergency Contact (during camp hours):

Name ____________________________________ Phone _____________________

Relationship to camper:


Food allergies/health concerns:


Signature of Parent/Guardian*


*I hereby authorize the individual camp director or supervisor to act for me according to their best judgment in any emergency requiring medical attention. I release the camp instructors and director of all liability for any illness or injury while at the camp.

Cost of camp for the week is $100.00. Make non-refundable checks payable to: Heidi Toot

Contact Information:

Mrs. Heidi Toot: Cell phone number (440) 655-8489 or HeidiToot@gmail.com

Registration Deadline April 29th, 2016

Mail completed applications with fee to:

Heidi Toot-Summer Art Camp

5374 Snell Drive

Mentor, Ohio 44060


Have you checked Artsonia lately? New artworks by our Hopkins students are published frequently in this online gallery. Once permission has been granted for a student, he/she will have permission for artworks to be published the whole time the student is enrolled at Hopkins. If you have not filled out a permission slip for this neat opportunity for your student, please contact me if you need a permission or if you forgot your log-in information.

Grading Scale

Just a reminder that percentages are not relevant to grades. In the related arts we score students out of 10 points. We like to see all students at least receive a "7", which means they are working at grade level. Anything higher than a "7" shows the student is doing above or outstanding in the area of content.