Laura Swain

Educational Leader

What others say about me...

"Laura is a wealth of information and is very intelligent. She has been extremely helpful."

Matt O., 3rd Grade Teacher

"I have received several needed resources through Laura over the past couple of years, and I always get them in a very timely manner after our meetings. Thank you!"

Amanda J., Special Education

“You offer your services to all teachers. You routinely ask if there is anything you can do to help teachers. You are very willing and even happy to come and help. You make yourself available and "seen" in the buildings. You let others know what you can offer them.You are someone that I trust. You are awesome!!!!!” Jodie P., 4th Grade Teacher

"You are able to break down teaching skills into components specific enough that teachers (including myself) can address. Giving direct concise goals to me is helpful and more attainable that more general broad goals. You are a listener even if you disagree. You are willing to offer helpful input that allows teachers to consider alternate ways of doing things. You share when appropriate and respect confidentiality. You are generous with your resources and knowledge and regularly share these."

Linda P., PAR Consulting Teacher

"Laura Is always my "go to" person for technology-based questions."

Charlene M., 5th Grade Teacher

"Mrs. Swain has been very willing to assist in any way that she can, which has been a great help." Vivian J, 4th Grade Teacher

“Thank you for caring and trying to resolve a situation that is for the kids.”

Rex R., 6th Grade Teacher

"Mrs. Swain had conferences with my students to set goals for NWEA and provided resource packets to help them reach those goals." Haley S., 3rd Grade Teacher

“Thanks for all you do around the school!” Kelly H., Kindergarten