Freak the mighty

Andrew Nugent period 6-7

Freak the mighty

Freak and Max are very different but have more in common then they thought.

Freak is very smart but has a physical disability where he is very tiny. Max is very big and tall but has trouble learning. But together freak is the brain and max is the brawn. They go on quests and adventures throughout the story , and you will learn secrets about the two that pull them away. But max and freak will not let that happen. In the story Max will go through troubles needing Freak to bail him out. But without Freak max would be kidnapped and possibly killed. But max and freak were such good friends freak got the courage to save his friend.

Freak the mighty

The author Tells about they build a freindship like no other.

I think the author developed the story by writing it and thinking to himself max and freak are all these things. And he stuck with it because he new that the readers would agree with him. The theme always make good friends, has to do with the book because, at first freak was kind of bossy to max but then freak and they became friends. Also because they are an unstoppable team and they can not be broken apart. They both didn't have friends at first but together thy are best friends.

A great book


The book is about Max and freak. They are both two different people two very different bodies and two very different minds. Max is thinks of himself very dumb and slow but is huge. Freak is very smart but has a physical disability were he is very small. But as the two become best friends the form into one person max is the brawn freak is the brain. Together the two become unstoppable, they go on quests like no other getting in trouble and learning secrets about each other jeopardizing their friendship. Through out the story max gets kidnapped by his dad on Christmas and freak saves him. Throughout the book they go on great adventures and leaving great stories.