Culinary Capers

June | 2015

Class of 2015 | Graduation Ceremonies

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Graduation Scholarships & Awards

Graduation Scholarships

Kikkoman Scholarship for Outstanding Achievement Overall

$2,000 - Mel Athulathmudali

$1, 000 - Donna Borooah

$500 - James Toenders

T. Kent Calhoun Memorial Scholarship for Outstanding Achievement Cookery

$1,000 - Donna Borooah

Garland Canada Scholarship

For Outstanding Achievement Gastronomy

$250 - Donna Borooah

Savour Stratford Culinary Scholarship for Involvement in Community through Culinary Tourism

$250 - Angie Mohr

PMA Canada / Wyborowa Vodka Scholarship

(By Application)

$750 - James Toenders

JHGWIR Blogging Scholarship

(By Application)

$500 - James Toenders

Dr. John and Olive Pyper Memorial Scholarship for Guest Blogging

(By Application)

$100 - Mel Athulathmudali

$100 - Donna Borooah

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Graduation Awards

Stratford Chefs School Award for Commitment to Industry and Academic Achievement

$2,000 - Eli Silverthorne

Elizabeth Baird Award for Outstanding Achievement Overall

$1,000 - Esther Tabert

City of Stratford Award for Outstanding Achievement, Student of Stratford Origin

$500 - Jesse Way

John Richardson Memorial Award for Outstanding Achievement in Pastry

$250 - Eli Silverthorne

The Hillbrooke Group Award for Outstanding Achievement in Communications

$200 - Esther Tabert

Bradshaws & Kitchen Detail Award for Outstanding Achievement in Food and Wine Service

Gift Certificate - Sam Bavaro

Eleanor Kane Award For Outstanding Achievement in Gastronomy

$100 - Eli Silverthorne

Bread Award for Outstanding Achievement in Bread Making

$800 - Elissa McKinnon

Chistopher John Sinopoli Memorial Award for Outstanding Achievement in Larder

$250 - Sam Bavaro

The Vine Agency Award

(By Application)

Trip - Eli Silverthorne

Instagram Award

$100 - José Matamoros

$50 - Allie Mercer

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About Our Scholarships & Awards

PMA Canada | Wyborowa Vodka Award

This year incoming Level 2 Students of the Stratford Chefs School have an opportunity to win a Scholarship Award by creating an original recipe using Wyborowa Vodka. There are 3 Scholarships to be awarded in amounts varying from $250-$750.

Wyborowa Vodka is proud to be an official sponsor of the Scholarship Program at The Stratford Chefs School.

Wine Trip Award | The Vine | Robert Groh Agency

  • Accommodation and Return Airfare (sponsored by The Vine) to major wine region
  • 3 day visit to one of the world’s great wine regions (past experiences have included Napa, Sonoma and Tuscany). Anne & Rob will tour with the winning student, meeting winery owners and winemakers from the benchmark estates represented in Ontario by The Vine
  • Travel arrangements to be handled by The Vine.

Interested high-achieving students are asked to choose a wine that is listed on the Vine portfolio and describe its characteristics using their knowledge and skills as a professional wine taster.

We thank generous sponsor The Vine- Robert Groh Agency for offering a special Wine Trip award to one of our graduating students.

Blogging Scholarship

The recipient of the award will receive $500 towards Level 2 Tuition.

The successful applicant will be required to write regular blog posts (approximately every 2 weeks) about school life: events, chefs, dinners, producers, classes and other experiences.

Sponsored by the Stratford Chefs School

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