Local News Update

Black market for water now thriving in California as ultra-rich pay huge premiums for covert water deliveries

in california it is thought that just a year ago water was worth more than gold. thats because the drought has cause even the richest to have a dire need for water. they have been shipping in water from other places just so they can clean their clothes and dishes. i think this is very interesting because in even the richest parts of California they don't have water and are fined for using to much. this is topic connected to class because they are buying water from places and the officials don't know where it is coming from or it is coming from the blackmarket.


Markets may be tanking but the U.S. economy isn't

in an article from CNN money, they said that the stock markets are not starting good for 2016. but even with that the economy is doing great and far from doing bad. because of that the unemployment is at 4.9% and wage growth is at 2.5%. i think this article is interesting because it shows how good our economy is doing compared to before. this article is related to class because it takes about the economy and the stock market.


sunk cost

it is when you invest money and can't get it back. just like if you buy a 40$ non refundable ticket but want to do something else. either way you've paid 40$. i think this is interesting because it shows you to watch your money. this is related to class because we learned about it.


Recent Emerging Markets

it says in the article that even though financial development promotes economic growth, it isn't the best for low-incomes in emerging countries. they have also found out that neither stock markets and banks don't help with poverty at all. i think this is interesting because you can see what affects the poverty of countries. this relates to class because we learned about emerging economy's.



in the article it talks about how the the unemployment rate is at 4.9%, the lowest in 8 years. Donald trump also says that if you look at the number with elderly and others included it would be around 50%. i think this is interesting because it is good that the unemployment is down. this is related to class because it has has to do with the unemployment and the economy.