Popularity of the Printing Press

By Chelsie*Chamberlain

Columbus's Letter

Columbus's letter had no less than 11 editions published in 1493. Six more editions were published in 1494-1497. Several editions survived only a single copy. There are no more than 80 extant copies of all the editions.

(The Diffusion of Columbus's Letter through Europe, 1493-1497)

Impact of The Movable Type Printing Press

The number of cities with printing in Europe has increased rapidly over the time span of 1450-1500. There are very few cities with Printing from 1450-1470. From 1470-1490 more than half the cities have printing. In 1500 most of the cities in Europe have Printing.

(The Impact of the Movable type Printing Press.1450-1500)


Impact On Literacy

The concept of the Printing Press was first developed in China and Korea. The Printing Press was invented by Gutenberg in Europe in 1452. It was invented to improve society's literacy and the sharing of knowledge. The Printing Press made books accessible to the lower classes and was a great and widely spread invention.

(The Printing Press and its Impact on literacy)

Diffusion of Movable Type Printing Press

The Printing Press's speedy takeoff caused the price of reading materials and documents to drop rapidly. The middle class was now able to afford reading material. The demand for books in different languages rose. Movable type helped to preserve ideas of the time and make information more reliable and have less discrepancies.

(The Diffusion of the Movable Type Printing Press)