Non-Traditional Careers

Careers that are Non-Traditional.

Definition of Non-tradition Careers.

Its an occupation that requires working in a field that has been traditionally dominated by most of the other gender. Jobs like this require post-secondary vocational or technical training.

Non-Traditional Jobs

Occupation /Non-Traditional For...

Pest Control Workers /Women

Theatrical and Performance Makeup Artist /Men

Camera Operators /Women

File Clerks /Men

Middle School Teachers /Men

Tellers /Men

Airline Pilots /Women

Dentist /Women

Maids and Housekeepers /Men

Clergy /Women

Disadvantages and Advantages of working in a non-traditional career.


  1. Higher pay then a traditional career.
  2. People in non-traditional jobs get more attention.
  3. Their impact on society.


  1. Negative feelings from co-workers.
  2. Very demanding.
  3. Might have little or no support.