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Lectionary-Based Playlist /Issue 25/September 20, 2020

How Big is Your Need for God Today?

The first reading begins with a wonderful directive: SEEK THE LORD, WHILE HE MAY BE FOUND! What a great reminder for your family this week. Sometimes, it's good to be reminded that God is always present; it's easy to forget in our busy lives and in a challenging world! But, GOD is HERE. How big is your need for God today? How might you seek God out this week? How might you help your children to discover God in their daily life?

Choose from the menu below to continue exploring the message of this week's Gospel at the dinner table, in the car, or in special time you set aside for faith formation. Each option takes only between 5-20 minutes, so choose one or a few, whatever works best for your schedule! The importance of this playlist is not how many activities you complete; it's the quality of the family time you have together and the faith conversation it opens up!


Sunday Readings:

Family Stories:

  • "It Will be Okay: Trusting God Through Fear and Change" by Lysa Teurkeust
  • "The Invisible String" by Patrice Karst
  • "God, I Need to Talk to You: Stories about God's Love and Forgiveness" Concordia Publishing

Articles for Parents:

Articles for Teens:


  • Write a letter to God and tell God exactly what you would like God to hear today from you
  • Make a list of petitions for your family and the world
  • Create an acrostic poem with the word TRUST. Each line should be about what you are entrusting to God today. Do this as a family!
  • Fill in the worksheet below, before having a conversation about TRUST


Here's a short Spotify playlist to consider where you need God in your life today!


Take some time to engage your family in spontaneous prayer. You can begin by sharing this prayer: and then continue by sharing where each family member is seeking God's presence personally, and for the intentions of the world.

The prayer below can also be used as a meditation for those seeking God's help:

Prayer for Guidance and Help HD


Use the videos below as a springboard for conversation!
What's That Word: Trust
How Much Does God Love Me? [Kid Friendly]
Object Lesson on Seeking God - Folding Chair


  • Play a family game of hide and seek. Talk about the game afterwards, and ask if your kids think they could find God if they were playing hide and seek? Why? Why Not?
  • Have a photo scavenger hunt. Send the family out to find 5 images of God. Where do they see God? When everyone returns, share the pictures and talk about why each picture represented God.


  • Try the science experiment below to remind your child that impossible things are possible with God.
  • Create a God Survival Kit together. What do you need God for most? Name those things and then come up with a creative representation to put in your child's Survival Kit..For example, need God for healing? Try adding a band-aid. This is a great way to remind your family how much you need God's presence in your life!
  • Be reminded of God's love:
  • Bake your favorite cookies together. Teach your child about measuring ingredients, but be sure to say that your love and GOD'S love is SO BIG, it can't be measured!


  • How does God know YOU?
  • Where do you think you can find God around you? Do you see God in nature? Do you see God in other people?
  • When you are at Mass, when do you feel closest to God?
  • The Gospel this week is about God's generous love. How have you felt that love? How can you share that love?
  • How often will God welcome you back after you make mistakes?

Word of the Week!

A prayer of petition is a request to God that asks him to fulfill a need. By prayer of petition, Catholics acknowledge their dependence on God.

Office of Evangelization and Catechesis

Roman Catholic Diocese of Rochester

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