Jeff Bezos

Founder and CEO of Amazon

About Jeff Bezos

Born on January 12, 1964 in Albuquerque, New Mexico where he spent his childhood. His mother and father were only married for a year and his mother remarried when he was 4 to Miguel Bezos he worked as a engineer at Exxon. During the summer Jeff would work with his grandfather on there 25,ooo acre ranch in Texas that they acquired over many generations. At a early age he showed scientific interest he even rigged an electric alarm to keep his siblings out of his room.


He stuck with is scientific interest and became a well known technology entrepreneur. He attend college at Princeton University and studied physics but soon went back t his love of technology. He play a huge role in the growth of E- commerce a computer network that traded products and services. He started Amazon in 1994 and noticed the rapid growth of internet uses then realized online retailers would not have to collect sales tax in states were they lack physical presence Jeff used many of the same technology he used for E-commerce to build Amazon up. In 2011 Amazons shares rose by 70% that added $6.5 billion to Bezos net worth. He made many good decisions as a businessman and a investor to make Amazon what it is today.

Business man

Bezos has a very good work ethic that he said he picked up working those hard summers on the ranch with his grandfather. He is a leader in the business world in 2013 he sold 1 million shares of Amazon that's less than one percent of the company and he made around $260 million. In that same year he bought the Washington post newspaper for $250 million. In the next five years Jeff plans for Amazon to deliver its packages by drones. Now Bezos net worth is estimated at $30.6 billion.