Middle School Campus

February 2023

Principal's Corner

  • Your child's report card was sent home today, February 3rd.
  • A letter containing important field trip and honor society information was sent home with report cards. A copy of the letter is below.
  • Next STAR assessments---February 15th (Math) and March 1st (Reading). These assessments help teachers understand the level of your child's math and reading skills.
  • Video for parents--Social Media and Kids: How young is too Young?
  • PTO Meeting February 6th at 6:30PM--Parkway Library.
  • On February 7th students will participate in student homework survey. The following week a district homework survey will be sent out to parents and teachers.

  • Next week students will also participate in a Digital Citizenship activity in mentor homerooms. The focus of this is to provide some education and thought for students about Digital Citizenship and Social Media Habits.

  • Parkway Band and Orchestra to attend Robinson Concert to see Mark Kellogg Quartet at the High School--February 7th.

  • Mid Winter Recess--February 18-26.

Social media and kids: How young is too young?

Master Teacher--Mrs. Hamilton!

The Middle School Campus and the Whitesboro Central School District are proud to announce that we have another Master Teacher! Mrs. Jessica Hamilton, who teaches 6th grade Science at the Parkway, has been recently named a NYS Master Teacher! Mrs. Hamilton joins over 1600 outstanding K-12 teacher leaders who demonstrate a deep understanding of their content area, pedagogy, students, their families and their communities as well as a commitment to growth in these areas. NYS Master Teachers are dedicated to inspiring their students, who are the next generation of STEM teachers. Congratulations Mrs. Hamilton! We are lucky to have you.

Wboro Website article

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Greater Utica Honors Band 2023

On Saturday, January 21st, thirty-six total students from Whitesboro Middle School and High School performed in the Greater Utica Honors Middle School Concert Band (grades 6-8) and Youth Wind Ensemble (grades 9-12) at Westmoreland High School. The bands are composed of students from area school districts and they were selected based on teacher recommendation. Students rehearsed on three Saturdays prior to the concert.

Dr. Bradley Ethington of Syracuse University was the distinguished conductor of both the Honors Middle School Concert Band and the Youth Wind Ensemble. This was a rewarding opportunity for our students to work with a college professor. They worked very hard and enjoyed preparing for this memorable event!

Our congratulations go out to both groups on a stellar performance this year!

Honors Middle School Concert Band (grades 6-8):

Anna Ellis, Elizabeth Gurtowski, Gabriel Telesca, Shayne Cavanaugh, Aubrey Moore, Caleb Ingro, Jarret Foster, Michael Piekielniak, Valerie Cieslak, Olivia Mursch, Amber Warren, Matthew Bykovich, Isabella Perry, Sofia Protasovitskiy, Elizabeth Friot, Karen Sharkey, Caden Meiss, Lana Moore, Emma Jerome, Frank Brown, Matthew Ryan, Leah Bennett, Calvin Cooley, Anderson Belfield, Julian Lewha, Ryan Nassif

Honors Youth Wind Ensemble (grades 9-12): Charlie Chrisman, Lauren Levatino, Liam Buckley, Joseph Drager, Avery Davis, Catherine Brown, Nicholas Nassif, Adam Gutowski, Erin Eller, Alexander Phelps

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Cross Curricular Mummification Project at Parkway

Science and Social Studies students at Parkway were mesmerized by their recent opportunity to mummify an apple! While studying Ancient Egypt and the pharaohs who ruled there, students mimicked the ancient Egyptian process of mummification utilizing apples, salt, and baking soda. Ancient Egyptians believed pharaohs would need their bodies in the afterlife therefore they employed a complicated procedure of mummification to preserve the bodies and prevent them from decomposing. Parkway students recreated this process by measuring the mass of an apple and storing it in a plastic bag with salt and baking soda. Students hypothesized that the salt and baking soda would work as a desiccant, or drying agent, and draw the water out of the apple, similar to the process used in Egypt. Students also prepared a control apple without drying agents, for comparison purposes. Students observed, measured and photographed the apples for the following month and came to the conclusion that the drying process was working in a similar manner to the Egyptian mummification process and greatly reduced the mass of the apple. This cross curricular activity between Social Studies and Science classes was a huge success and both teachers and students are looking forward to similar future endeavors.

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