CMS 8th Grade Promotion

Awards and Promotion

Awards: The 8th Grade Awards Ceremony will be held on its scheduled date of June 9th at 10:00 am. It will be streamed on

Late Work: Late work will be due by May 29th for academic awards eligibility. Academic Honor and Excellence awards will be based on grading period 3 and work completion during distance learning. Students should complete at least 80% of their distance learning assignments.

All 8th grade students may turn in late work for DLR credit until June 4th.

Let's Celebrate the Promoting Class of 2020

It’s hard to believe that it is almost June and we are quickly approaching this momentous time as your child promotes to high school. In order to honor your child’s middle school years, we want them to look forward to a fun and memorable event. We will be holding a two-part promotion ceremony on June 10th.

Special thanks to the parent promotion committee led by Roelof Roos. Thank you, Ana Paula Araujo, Alejandra Cortes, Erin Sardiello, Nancy Schrum, and Kimberly Grossmann for the video & gift.

Part 1: 8th Grade Drive-through Promotion Parade: Decorate your cars! Get dressed up! Let’s have fun! Our staff will be there to support and cheer on our soon to be 9th graders!

The drive-through parade will begin at 10:00 am. We're working with the Coronado Police Department to determine traffic flow, and once the plan is in place, parents will be provided with a time and location for arrival. Arrivals will be alpha by last name.


  • We are putting together a promotion package which will contain: promotion certificate, award certificates, 8th grade class photo, yearbook, and a promotion gift from your generous donations. A CMS staff member will place the promotion package in your vehicle's trunk upon arrival. (all family members must remain in the car)
  • Your student’s name should be visible on the passenger side of your car/window so we can gather his/her promotion items as you arrive in front of the school.


  • We know you want to capture this memory, so we will have photographers and make photos available to downloaded a few days after the event.
  • · We will be following the posted County guidelines (below) Note: "All participants including the graduates must remain in their vehicles." Should this change by June 10th, I will update parents and students on any adjustments to our promotion ceremony.

Part 2: Virtual Promotion Ceremony:

  • Be sure to tune in to 6:00 pm on June 10th to watch the formal promotion ceremony.


The 8th grade promotion committee appreciates your support. There's still time to make a donation for the 8th grade gift, drive through promotion decorations, and support the Class of 2024 fund.

Please make your donation here Link to Donate

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