Dog Trainer

Johanna Pantke

Career description

A dog trainer's purpose is to teach a dog how to be more obedient at home, with teaching a dog common commands, such as to sit, stay or lay down. Dog training involves teaching a dog to react to commands, and giving a dog a treat or kind words for responding correctly to a command. A canine trainer could also oversee a dog's physical exercise, medical care and mental stimulation. In general dog trainers work more with the owners than with the dog itself though.

What Education & Specific training is required?

You don't need to be trained, but it probably helps you with your work and to seem trust worthy to your costumers if you have a certificate. If you decide to get a certificate their are a numerous amount of schools that can teach you, for example colleges that specialize on animal behavior. It is usually a 7 - 21 week handon class that costs around 4500 Dollars.

But in general dog trainers are largely "self educated". This means they have read extensively on behavior modification and dog ethology, attended seminars, workshops and conventions, and perhaps mentored with other trainers.

A typical work day as a dog trainer:

A dog trainer doesn't have a "typical day", because every dog trainer is able to arrange his day and work habits after his needs and the needs of the costumers. They can work in a school, where they teach a group of dog owners how to train their dog, they can train specific dogs for an owner who pays a lot of money, or interact with "problem dog", that the owner can't deal with alone. But there is never a typical day.

Range of Salary

The average salary for Dog Trainer in our area of Wisconsin is $39,010. If you were to work as a Dog Trainer here you could expect a starting salary of $32,126. You could expect to make a salary of around $45,894 after some time.

Job Demographics

You can basically live anywhere to be able to be a dog trainer. Recommended are cities with a lot of dog owners tho, to get the maximum amount of costumers.

Negative Aspects

As a dog trainer you are often not an employee, you are often on your own. That means you are also on your own when it comes to organizing and advertising yourself and to attract costumers.
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