Why we eat what we eat

By: Briana Saelinger

External Influences

Over social media we discover new foods and recipes to try out. Food has become more widely available and accessible in markets across the country. Depending on the weather, rainfall, soil, and more environmental factors some foods become less available or more expensive. This can limit our options to what we can and cannot buy. With our new tech we can digitally order food and have it either delivered or reserved to when we can pick it up.

Individual Influences

What we eat is greatly influenced by our food preferences. Religion also ties in because some religions such as Eastern religions do not allow you to eat certain animals. What we eat effects how we feel and think. If we don't eat enough then we don't think as well, same with as too much food. Healthier eating habits lead to improvements in health and mood. Another influence is the culture of the country you're in. Some countries have foods that are more commonly eaten such as in China, rice is a common food staple.

Healthy Food Choices

Depending on your age, gender, and whether or not you're pregnant you will have different dietary needs. While you should meet the guidelines that are recommended it is also important to not go overboard on the different food groups. "My Plate" shows us what we should eat how much of it. It is easier to understand and provides a better visual than the "Food Pyramid". To meet your nutritional needs you should always check the nutritional labels on foods and packages. This is so that you know exactly what you're putting into your body and how much of it. While a good diet is important it is not the only thing needed to maintain a healthy weight. You also need to get daily exercise to keep up your physical fitness and health.