Panther News

February 17th

Distance Learning

Dear Le Monde Families,

As we continue to navigate unprecedented challenges this school year, it appears that we will have to face one more. Yesterday, our school suffered significant water damage when the sprinkler system burst in the ceiling of C wing. Water was running out of the sprinklers for over two hours before the water was eventually turned off. All of the rooms in C and B wing of the school have several inches of standing water and the ceilings are down in several of the rooms.

We quickly gathered staff and volunteers to begin salvaging furniture, technology, and other items from each classroom and moved them to a secure location. There are many hazards such as falling ceiling tiles and slick areas, so we are closing campus and moving to a distant learning schedule until Friday, February 26th with a return to school on March 1st. We are already working with a restoration company and clean-up has already begun and we are also looking into creating temporary space within the CSBI building to create classrooms as soon as possible.

My first thought when I made this decision was the extreme hardships that many of you have had to deal with over the last seven days with no school. I am sorry and apologize for these inconveniences. As I have said from the beginning, it was important for me to have students in our building learning on day one, but we also recognized that Covid might force the school into distance learning. Who knew that the weather would be the cause of so much of our learning interruptions.

I will keep everyone updated throughout the next couple of days so everyone can plan accordingly. Again, I apologize for the inconveniences that this will cause. Please know that I will do everything within my power to fix this situation as soon as possible.


Lance Seeright

Executive Director