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Ryan Waschler

The Shamer's Daughter

  • Lene Kaaberbol



The young girl's mother was in danger of her life sentence for the false claims of being a shamer, her sentence, to be eaten by the monstrous dragons stored below the castle.

Detailed alternate solution:

I longed for the demise of her mother by the lifeless jaws of the powerful beast.

Down in the dumps

If I had the opportunity to remove a single person from the given text, I would exempt Rose's mother. she has little relevance in the story and you hear very little of her. She is introduced close to the end of the story and is only in the story to converse with Dina and Rose as they get a few belongings and leave again. Aron (rose's brother) was the more important of the two.

Fab Five's Fav's

  • "The house of Ravens is down: The Order of the Dragon has risen where the ravens fall."-pg.116

I like this quote because it sounds like a quote from feudalistic times.

  • "Look at my eyes!"-pg.9

i like this quote because this displays the anger of the main character.

  • "The old fox. Invisible ink and reversed writing." pg.136

I like this quote because it demonstrated the diversity in intellectual abilities of the characters.

  • "where've you been, slut?" pg.185
I like this quote because it displays other conflicts between minor characters.

  • " you are a merciless mirror, madamina." pg. 63
The reminder of all the things wrong in your life brought back to the surface the things of which you shame yourself.

Face to Face

What was the scariest moment during the time you spent in the castle?

  • Dina:The scariest moment for me was when we were fighting the dragons in the dragon pit, particularly the lifeless body of the dragon biting my arm.

How did you over come the fear of the dragons moving closer then attacking you?

  • I didnt, I stood in the middle of the pit until Nicodemus came to move me from my statue like pose.

What did you feel the moment you realized that Dracan was the murderer?

  • I didnt have much emotions at all except fear and anger. Fear for the life of my mother who was now in grave danger and anger at myself for not realizing sooner the guilt was
Why didn't you run when the guards stormed in the house?

  • We had no place to go. They had the whole church surrounded. Our only option was to raise our hands in humble defeat.
What did you feel when the weapons master was sitting with the kitchen with the widow?

  • I was terrified beyond compare, i thought for sure i was going to get me and her thrown into the dragon pit. She comforted me and told me what all was happening and it became clear he was on our side.
What did he say?

  • He said that he was on our side, the latest he overheard the lady death say with her own lips that she was guilty

Why did Dracan find you?

He wanted to prove by use of shame that nick was guilty. When he got nothing out of either of us he set us up for false claims.
Why did you agree to spend lthe night with nico?

  • I was confident with my life that my mother was right as she is the best shame of all, she was addiment that he was innocent and I trusted her.
What did you expect from him?

  • I was sure my mother was right although the question wandered in my mind... what if he was?...
And if he was?

  • Then I had a whole night to figure that out. He would be dragged off of me before any real damage could occur as the guards were around the corner.
How did you know that the contents of the bottle were a poison?

  • Because Dracan said that he wanted to make it as painless as possible so he brought nico a gift he couldn't refuse liquor that had poison in it.

Best Seller/Discount Shelf

The book " The Shamers Daughter" Is and an invigorating novel about a young girl with the ability to make people feel ashamed for past actions, including lying. The story takes place in a feudalistic era With knights and kings, peasants and dragons. The young girl, shunned by the world for her ability to see past the surface of any man woman or child, was called upon to help her mother in a far away land. She was in need of her daughters assistance trying to convict a man for murder. She became a wanted criminal against the crown as they escaped in hopes and confidence to prove the man innocent. They seek shelter and eventually find out that the prince has Dina's ( the main character) mother held hostage sentenced to death. They formulate and escape plan and when time comes to enact such a plan they meet complications. The book was a great read and I would rate it four stars. The main character is not full of as much emotion as a normal eleven year old girl is. The main theme for the movie is a sort of cliche, It is do not judge a book by its cover. The main antagonist is a very dynamic character. He is a very bad man that can become crystal clear in the eyes of a shamer.

No Easy Day

  • Mark Owen

Ryan Waschler


  • "When you made a mistake in front of Tom, it felt like you let him down. His disappointment with me was plastered on his face."
The best way to lead is the way that Tom did. I want to be a good enough leader to have my subordinates feel ashamed because of a look on my face.

  • "Had the mission gone perfectly, we would have landed the Little Bird on the roof and entered the door on the second floor, only to come face-to-face with at least four heavily armed insurgents."
I like this quote because it is important. His detail of four guys landed on the wrong roof top on an operation to rush a building and take it from the Iraqi soldiers. had the mission gone right they all would have died. This made him think and appreciate life more than he did before.

  • "Sometimes the guys don't get him back"
This was referring to the brotherhood of DEVGRU, the elite navy spec ops that deals mostly with terrorism(seal team 6) They play harmless pranks on each other and that makes them closer together, this in turn increases morale and increases the teams dangerous fighting techniques.

  • "I saw the tracer rounds, like lasers, cut through the dust cloud and zip past the helicopter."
This gives me a sense of thrill and fright to think as a soon to be fighter in similar combat situations, this is a first hand account of a spec op released to the readers.

  • "Then my eye caught the glow of something streaking through the sky. for a split second, I thought i was looking at a shooting star until I realized it was heading right for me."
I relate to this quote because my dad has had a similar experience that he told me of while sharing stories of his time in Iraq. He was shot at in broad day light and the RPG flew a foot from him.

  • " On one side of the cliff face towering over us and on the other side was an almost straight drop into the valley."
The dedication and motivation these men have for accomplishing a mission is unparalleled. They were moving along this ridge with a speed and time crunch that didn't allow them to worry about falling.

  • "My body was tense and my abs screamed as I tried to fold my legs into my chest."
This was a moment in the story that took at most two minutes, yet he describes it as if it happened in slow motion. describing every feeling and every thought as though he had time to think about it. Time is slowed in the mind for situations that you may die. This helicopter was going down that is not a slow process and it was impressive to me that he would remember every detail of the event.

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Thematically Speaking

The theme of the story is in the military life there is no easy day. There are good days and there are bad days. There are hard days and there are harder days. But for any man woman or anything in between there is nothing easy about the things the people do that fight and die for our country.

Best Seller

On a scale of 1-5 I would rate this book a 10. People nowadays know very little of the mission that killed Osama Bin Laden. This book provides some very interesting incite into not only SEAL team training but also the emotions of the specialized killers in the field. You feel the emotions and excitement as you read these true accounts. The story hooks you in deeper and deeper as you read on. You witness the correct and wrong actions of the character as he/she progresses through their life. As I personally take military operations and strategy to be very interesting, I think civilians would be entertained as well.