Population is Destiny-Egypt

By Katie Grisius

The young population of Egypt, concentrated in the major cities, contributes to the economic issues the country is currently facing and will continue to face with the ongoing political instability in the country.

System of government

The government is based on a republic with a semi-presidential system. Semi presidential system means that the president exists along with a prime minister and cabinet. It is similar to our government as we both have presidents but not quit our system. Violence and protests have increased due to the changes in political power over the last several years. Political unrest will continue as the current government is not seen as legitimate. Other economic factors such as poverty and unemployment are contributing to a government view by the people. The tourism has gone down because of this corruption and mismanagement and as a result, it creates an increase in economic difficulties. The government is trying to bring awareness about this issue but isn't doing much else.

Weather, climate and natural disasters: There impact on population

In Egypt it is mostly desert land which makes it very hot and dry most of the time. Even in the Nile River it is very warm where most of the population lives along. Most of Egypt's population lives in Cairo and Alexandria, which are 2 major cities in Egypt that are in the Nile River. Because of the desert area people couldn't farm and settle in other areas but the Nile River. As a result, 80 million people live in Cairo and Alexandria. The nile river is causing the most problems in Egypt. They have some flooding once and awhile from the Nile River but not very frequent. These problems all come back to the Nile River and the density in one area because of so much desert area. The Nile River is the biggest physical feature and has the most impact on Egypt.

What is Egypt known for?

Egypt is famous for there ancient civilization. The great pyramid of Giza is the oldest and the largest of the 3 pyramids. It is the only remaining member of the Seven Wonders of the World. They have many other sights and monuments of ancient work like The Great Sphinx, Temple of Luxor, Abu Simbel and many more great ancient features of Egypt. There are 7 wonders of Egypt also that contribute to a great ancient life and features to look at. Tourism is going down in the country because of the economic corruption though. This needs to stop because people need to appreciate the ancient civilization in Egypt and they can't do that if no one is coming.
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As you can see in this diagram most of the population is very young.

Biggest challenges Egypt is facing

The populations age is very young with 75% less than 25 years of age which contributes to high unemployment in Egypt. So many people are trying to enter the workforce at the same time there are not enough jobs for everyone. Most people live along the Nile River so it is highly populated and not spread out throughout the country. The Nile River is impacting most of Egypt because of the densely populated area and the deserted parts of Egypt as well.