Theodore Roosevelt

Job Objective: Park Ranger

Experiences and Employment History

  • Elected in the New York state assembly representing the 21st district

  • Wrote numerous books

  • Became Rancher and owned ranch

  • Worked as a Civil Commissioner

  • Bravely accepted role as a police commissioner

  • Proudly elected as Assistant Secretary of Navy

  • Elected Governor of NY

  • Received position as Vice President

  • Appointed President


  • Always had private schooling

  • Obtained a degree from Harvard

  • Selected to become part of the National Honor Society

  • Accredited from Columbia Law School

Military Service

  • Led rough riders group, a military group in the Spanish American War that stormed San Juan Hill, showing bravery and selflessness


  • Elected US President from September 14 to 1909

  • Created 150 national forests, 51 federal bird reserves, 4 national game preserves 5 national parks and 18 national monuments

Honors and Awards

  • Received Medal of Honor

  • Received Nobel Peace Prize

  • Became Associate member, Institut de France, 1910

  • Proudly Elected President

  • Honored with own national park


  • Charles W. Fairbanks, the vice president to Roosevelt

  • Nobel Peace Prize Committee of 1906, in which he received his own prize from

  • John Muir, Father of the National Park Services, in which he helped the parks gain land

  • Taft, President after Roosevelt, where Taft learned a lot from

  • Colonel Leonard Wood, served with Roosevelt and the Rough Riders