WG Review

Final Exam Review

How does physical geography affect a country's economic activities?

The geography is what enables people to get certain resources, such as Japan and their fish, and China not being explored by Europe due to mountains.

What is a common argument in favor to nuclear power plants? What is a common argument against them?

They give the most of the worlds power, but they cause the most pollution.

Why was the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) and the European Union (E.U.) formed?

To improve the economy of North America.

Why was the UN created?

To promote international cooperation and to achieve peace and security.

After the formation of the EU, why do we see a population shift in Europe?

Because member countries in the EU can move freely to other countries in the EU.

Why is Nelson Mandela a hero to many South Africans ?

Because he committed himself for equality in south africa.