All About Me

Lexi Krider

My Holland Code

My Holland Code is first artistic, then social, and lastly enterprising.

How Many Ways am I Smart?

My top three are people smart, body smart, and music smart.

My Learning Style

I learn best by see, it means that when I see someone do what I'm supposed to learn or do it helps me understand it better.

Self-Awareness Inventory

  • Hobby- Drawing
  • Activities- Softball and Track
  • School Subject Strengths- Math and English
  • Values- Being creative and Being a leader

3 Career Clusters Picked for Me

  1. Architecture and Construction Group
  2. Hospitality and Tourism Group
  3. Retail and Wholesales and Service Group

Job I Researched, Education Needed, and Salary

  • Architect
  • College
  • $71,040 a year