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Week of 2/15/16

Top 5 Things to Know

1. There is no school for students on Wednesday, February 24th. Please make sure you have planned accordingly.

2. Parent/Teacher conferences will be on Friday, March 4th. Information regarding middle school sign up was sent in the ICSJ weekly Thursday update. Sign-up goes live on Monday, 2/22.

3. Are you looking for ways to spend more time reflecting on Scripture and some of life's bigger questions this Lent? Here are a few helpful resources:

- Fr. Barron

- Dynamic Catholic's "Best Lent Ever"

- USCCB's Lent in the Year of Mercy webpage of resources

4. CRS Rice Bowls are due by March 18th. Take some time this Lent to determine a meaningful giving commitment with your family. Check out the official website:

5. Please check your child's red folder for the following assessments from me:

*6 LA - nonfiction reading quiz, writing prompt (process) response & rubric

--> Argumentative essays have been scored, but these will be sent home next week in order for Miss Bradley and I to conference with the students.

*6 Religion - Family Life Quiz

*8 Religion - none

Classroom Updates

6th Language Arts

Our main focus this week has been on the Greek gods and goddesses - we are about to embark on a fast-paced and unique unit, which will culminate in a spectacular Greek Fest with student performances, presentations, and food! To prepare for this, students spent time building background knowledge on a few Greek gods and goddesses of choice through direct instruction, a webquest, and independent reading. Next week they will choose their gods/goddesses!

This week's root words: PREHEND, RAP/RAPT

This week's grammar concept: direct objects & indirect objects

Example: Mary gave Elisa a cake for her birthday.

(Direct object = cake - it's being given)

(Indirect object = Elisa - it's the person to whom the DO is being given)

6th Religion

Students engaged in the Catholic Tradition of praying the Stations of the Cross on Tuesday at St. Joseph's church. We used a special teen version to reflect on Jesus' sacrifice in our own lives. Later in the week, we studied about the two Sacraments of Healing: Reconciliation and Anointing of the Sick. We will spend the next two weeks finishing up our Sacraments unit, which will be complete with a quiz/test and a project. Stay tuned for more details.

8th Religion

Tuesday's Family Life lesson allowed students to determine how to make wise choices concerning drugs and alcohol in addition to how these substances can harm your body. On Thursday, the focus shifted to building lasting relationships and the two main purposes of Catholic marriage: to help one another attain holiness and to be open to having children (and raising them in the faith). On Friday, we looked at everyone's place in the community as well as the importance of choosing strong role models.

Students will study Lesson 10 on Monday, and their Family Life quiz will be on Tuesday, Feb. 23rd.

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