7-12 Faculty Meeting

Last meeting of the school year!

End of the Year Procedures

End of Year Procedures

  1. Spreadsheets!
  2. Grades Due June 3 (yesterday) for seniors and graduating 11th grade students
  3. Summer School Updates
  4. Check-out process
  5. PTO Form

ILP and CPP Presentations

  1. Ben Walton and Shannon Harrigan
  2. Bene Barlat and Julie Crisafio
  3. Dawn Kang and Katie Miller
  4. Jeff Hollick and Deb Kulp-Woodruff
  5. Ellen Laurelli
  6. Heather Fulton
  7. Jay Ciotola
  8. Jeff Smith
Presentation Response Form

Please provide a response to 4 out of the 8 presentations and make note of any questions you have for the presenter(s). Responses are due by 3pm on June 4.

Thank You!

I appreciate your patience and cooperation as I transitioned into the Assistant Principal role this spring. I truly enjoyed working with all of you!