The Weekly Warrior

January 3, 2016

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Use this form to recognize the #warriorpride we see in each other.

It really is nice when staff recognize each other:) hint hint

A huge thank you to Mr. Starshak for creating an awesome Socrative to use in our advanced math classes! Ms. Bauer

The staff brunch on Friday was absolutely amazing because all of you attended. It was nice to all get together with the purpose of relaxing and talking to each other. I had so much fun! Mr. B

Tech Tip for Teachers- Amazing Tools

CBM Testing- January 4-8th

Testing is the first week we return from break. Testing should be administered by reading and math teachers during reading and math classes. Please plan lessons to use just your computers, borrowing is not necessary. View this as an opportunity to practice differentiating your instruction with various activities: computers, small group independent and small group teacher led all happening at the same time. Any questions, please see Shirley or Mr. B.

Passionate Learners: How to Engage and Empower Your Students: Pernille Ripp

Timely advice for teachers at the end of chapter 1- This is why WE need more planning time.

Smile, love, laugh,share, think,reflect,question. Be kind. Be brave. Be you. Everything is going to be just fine. And find your people-those people will surround you and support you, who will question you and reflect with you and invite you to do the same for them. Find them and cultivate those friendships that start. Those people may talk you off the ledge one day and admire or inspire you the next. We are stronger together as teachers who collaborate, not compete.

Advisory Corner

Advisory Corner-

When I receive the votes from each advisory I will share the two changes each grade will be working on. Thanks for sending the votes to me, maybe next time I will use a google form and collect info in one location.

6th grade list

7th grade list

8th grade list

Reps should still brainstorm community building circle talk discussions and responsive circle discussions:


1. (CB)Students who get to know each other better(likes,dislikes, home life, struggles, accomplishments, values) are less likely to bully, demean or treat others in a disrespectful manner.

2. (RC) Students learn that confronting (behaviors/events/actions) will help solve problems in the school, community and world through quality discussions without placing blame on a specific individual. Powerful changes in behavior and actions.

  • Brainstorm topics for community building circle talks
  • Brainstorm topics for restorative circle talks.