Aboriginal Students: Mathematics

Designing instruction to support our students' needs

Mission Statement

I will provide learning experiences that reflect and honour the heritage and life-experience of all the students in my class. I will learn about the culture and interests of our First Nations Peoples so that my Aboriginal students will be engaged. When designing learning opportunities in mathematics this knowledge will be reflected in my open-ended questions. My goal is to foster student self-esteem so that every student believes that the learning is important to him or her.

Action Plan

1) Use the resources below to learn about our Aboriginal students

2) Develop a relationship with 6 Nations Band (close to Guelph)

3) Use data from learning styles and multiple intelligences inventories

4) Build a relationship with parents

5) Build knowledge and awareness in class of all cultures and traditions

6) Use the 3 part lesson to allow for diverse thinking through open-ended problems

7) Keep real-life connections prominent in planning

8) Use Marian Small's model of not having an answer in mind when asking questions to authentically listen to examine and use student's own metacognitive process

9) Use this to foster confidence and pride in student's own thinking processes

9) Co-create strategies for organization and focus

10) Be mindful that graphic organizers, cooperative learning, project based learning and learning through service are particularly beneficial strategies

11) Develop my knowledge of the holistic approach

Links to 6 Nations, ETFO and OCT resources to support action plan