Food of India

By Austin Balletta

History of Indian food

The earliest Indians only ate wheat and rice type things because that is all that they had access to. Occasionally if hey got lucky they could find some pig or cow but that's if they got lucky. Lastly Indian people ate lots of sugar cane. Sugar cane grows naturally in India.

Indian food today

Indian food today mainly consists of lots of bread and curry. The bread they eat eat is called roti or chapati. It is similar but chapati is more popular because it is lighter and thinner. But they also eat curry. Indian people love hot things and what better than curry.

Deserts in Indian

Deserts are very important in the Indian diet to. Ragulla is cheese balls mixed in with creamy sauce and then wrapped in a sugary wrap. Another desert is a cheesecake like thing mixed with ice team called burfi. The cool thing about burfi is that is also spicy.