IUREN Info Session

An Exclusive Network of the World's Top Real Estate Students

Your Membership in the Global Real Estate Community

AREC Presidents Matt Legge and Nick Noyes, together with Jeff Organisciak (Columbia MBA '13) have spent the past 6 months founding and building the International University Real Estate Club Network ("IUREN"), an exclusive global peer network consisting of the top real estate students around the world. Fittingly, Cornellians are leading the way!

IUREN now has an impressive group of founding member clubs/societies and is ready to launch. As an AREC member, you are also a member of IUREN. Attend this info session to learn about what that means for you, and about how IUREN will open up the world of real estate to you.

IUREN Information Session

Monday, Nov. 19th 2012 at 7pm

Statler - Room 198

Agenda - You Have Questions, We Have Answers!

  • Which other schools/clubs have joined IUREN in addition to AREC?
  • What member benefits are offered?
  • How can I start connecting with my international network peers?
  • What professional development programs can I participate in?
  • How will IUREN enable me to explore my international career ambitions?
  • How does the IUREN web platform work and when will it be live?
  • What international events will we participate in?
  • How can I help IUREN succeed?
  • What's the IUREN Global Real Estate Summit?
  • How can I participate in IUREN's International Real Estate Investment Competition?