R U What You Eat?

Significant Statistical Findings

Significant because...

All of the topics below show hot important diet is to a country, and how it affects a country.

The life expectancy in America is more than double the life expectancy in Bhutan. People eat healthier, and have healthier diets. This causes them to have more energy and be more active.

The obesity rate in America is very high, more than 5 times the amount in Bhutan. The rate in Bhutan is very low because people barely have enough food to survive, how are they going to have too much. People in America are always being offered food. They can always go out and buy it for very little money, and most of the very cheap food is not good for you.

The land area that America has over Bhutan, is such a big difference. You can not even see Bhutan on the bar graph. This gives Americans more area to grow food, plant crops, people to civilize, and more physical features that could help people. America also has a shore and is not land locked which is good for fishing. Bhutan is land locked with not a lot of land.

The GDP in the United States is much higher than the GDP in Bhutan. People make a lot more money in America which allows them to buy food. America supplies a lot more jobs for people to make money so that putting food on the table is not an issue. In Bhutan people do not make a lot of money and putting food on the table is an issue.

The amount of Arable Land in America, is far more than in Bhutan. In Bhutan not nearly 4% is arable and in America about 17% is. This gives America a lot more options on what to do as far as growing crops. There is much more room to work with.