Speech Laws

Speaker produce a credible, academic speech

What is this speech law?

Talking about the speech laws, this specific law means to persuade your audience providing credible evidence to them. This law is a very important law just like others, with out this you will lose the connection with your audience and you speech might not come out very well.

what's the purpose of this law?

The purpose of this law is to inform and persuade your audience and for them to understand and believe what you're saying. Make everything credible and convince your audience.

What does this look and sound like?

In order to follow this specific speech law, you must treat your audience with respect. This law makes your audience believe what you're trying to let them know. Try to convince them in a way that you are not being bossy or commanding towards them. Make sure to be confident and also your body posture also reflects a lot in your presentation; stand up straight and speak with confidence.
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When you're giving a speech try to make eye contact with most of your audience. Make sure you speak with respect and not with a commanding voice. Everyone is going to have different opinions on certain topics, so not anyone is going to agree with what you're saying. For you to convince the audience you need to include some facts and/or statistics. Also, include a bibliography on what you're basing your information on.
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