White Witch

The Evil Amazement

By Lana Manfredi

About Me

I would call myself quite the genius. I rule all of Narnia and I keep it only Winter and never Christmas. I want a Son of Adam to bring his other human siblings back with him to Narnia so that I can get them to sit in the 4 thrones at Cair Paravel. But if Aslan comes, it's all doom for me.

Aslan's Name

I'm the Queen of Narnia, for now. When I hear Aslan's name I think fear, horror, a feeling like something is creeping up on me and will grab me and make me vanish into thin air. When I hear his name, all I can think of is run and hide and get away from him! He is the original king of Narnia and when he finds me, it's all over. When Lucy hears Aslan's name, she feels the feeling of waking up in the morning and realizing it's the holidays or summertime. Edmund feels a mysterious horror, and Susan feels as if a delicious smell or string of wonderful music had just floated by her. Peter felt suddenly adventurous and brave.

Father Christmas's Gift

The awful children all got gifts but nothing for me from Father Christmas. I would like a big castle surrounded with electrical fences and evil magic powers so that if Aslan comes, I will be safe, and oh, I also want a magical wand with the capability to do absolutely anything! Then that foolish old Aslan won't know a thing about it and I can finally rule all of Narnia!! It would be quite the surprise to him once he finds out I've come to him armed with evil powers. He'll be shocked to death (not literally though).

The repulsive, disgusting, little Sons of Adam and Daughters of Eve got many wonderful gifts. Lucy got a dagger for protection and a little diamond bottle with cordial made from flowers that grow in the mountains of the sun. Susan got a bow with a quiver of bows and a little ivory horn made to blow in, and receive help almost immediately. Peter got a sword and shield meant for protection when in battle.

Look Just Like Me!

This Halloween, share the tradition to be a look-a-like of me! Buy the whole costume and be just as royal and evil as Me! Go here to buy it; http://www.amazon.com/InCharacter-Costumes-Haunting-Beauty-White/dp/B007U3ETRK/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1382985951&sr=8-1&keywords=white+witch+costume.

I myself think that others dressing like me is just absolutely excellent! To be flawless, you have to look flawless, so dress like me! It would mean a lot to me to have others all around the Human world looking like me because to me, looking like me, means that you would want me to rule the Human world! I wouldn't mind ruling this place too! But just remember, it will always be winter and never Christmas, (especially in Canada, *wink wink*).

My Favorite Evil Quote

I think that I have a lot of great ways of "sharing my wisdom through words" but this one is my favorite; "You are to be the Prince, and- later on, the King; that is understood." I like this quote because I am being very sneaky, and sly by lying to this foolish Son of Adam. He actually thought I was telling the truth! He is oh so gullible and believes almost anything!

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Tips On Being Evil:

To be evil, you must have many character traits that are evil.

1) If you look too nice, change that. People who are evil do not look all happy daisy.

2) I believe that being evil takes time, skill, and being a genius like moi. So try and "study" the art of me by reading all the Chronicles of Narnia books by C.S. Lewis. Take note of the evilness that I demonstrate.

3) When you try to look evil, you need to look evil. I suggest Wal-Mart or Marshall's for super evil clothing and shoes.

4) If you don't sound stern when you talk, you can't be considered evil. You need to sound angry and stern when speaking. It raises your quality level.

5) You need to be evil all the time. While you sleep, while you talk, eat, drink, and live! Be a genius type of evil, like me. But be very careful that Aslan doesn't catch you!

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