The Beast of Noor

By : Janet Lee Carey


In The Beast of Noor written by Janet Lee Carey the Sheen family is cursed, or at least that is what the townspeople believe. The fact that there has not been an attack from the Shirker in years only seems to comfort the townspeople so much. That is until there is another attack. When poor young girl named Polly goes missing only for her bones to be found by Miles Sheen and his father, all hope of a sheen being excepted is thrown out of the window. Now Miles and his younger sister Hanna are thrown into a world they thought only existed in their grandfather's stories. They are determined to save the village and their family name form a mistake that was made hundreds of years ago.

Characters - Hanna Sheen

Hanna Sheen is not your average girl. With two different colored eyes, she has not had the easiest time fitting in with everybody else. It's not just her eyes that make her different from everybody else, she talks to trees. As you might have guessed, talking to trees is no necessarily a normal hobby for young girls. This leads some of the townspeople to believe that she is a witch. Despite what everyone else thinks, Miles, Hanna's older brother, is still her best and only friend. However, when Miles decides to go after the Shirker alone it is Hanna who has to dig him out of the mess that Rory Sheen created centuries ago.


The Beast of Noor is actually based off of a European legend that originates from Lancashire in England. That being said, the Shalem Woods and the town are modeled after Lancashire. With all of the rolling hills, small towns, farmlands, and forests, Lancashire is the perfect place for the Shriker to roam.

Book Reveiws

“A flawless tale spun from myth, mystery, and magic that will enthrall everyone who loves fantasy..."

—Children's Literature

Plot twists combine with magic, suspense, legend, challenge, and redemption. [This]will appeal most to dedicated fantasy readers.”


The story has plenty of intrigue and danger, and the characters are realistically drawn. . . . Recommend it to lovers of (very mild) horror and suspense or to those who enjoy old-fashioned fairy tales. All in all, a fun read.”

—School Library Journal




Just a calcification as to what is a myth and a legend.
Myth or Legend - The Difference - ESL British English Pronunciation

Personal Rating

I think that this book is worth nine and a half stars out of ten. The Beast of Noor was a fantastic book. However, there are many parts where it becomes slow and slightly boring. Thankfully, there are many action packed chapter that make up for most other mistakes.