Suburban Sprawl

Human Dependence Project


Air pollution is one of the main issues as well as less green space for animals and the environment. The negative effects of these two would be less oxygen to live and more homeless wildlife. That means a lot of road kill.

Wildlife Effect

Usually, any wildlife effected is the one near that type of area, in our area it would be mostly deer, coyote, and possi. They are effected by not having a space to live and many species can be slowly dying out.

Effect on humans

Suburban sprawl doesn't just effect the wildlife and environment it effects how people live. This problem causes traffic, over populated schools and jobs, plus air pollution.

League City

League city is a town where suburbia is the key factor in living. So you could say suburban sprawl is present, as you can see there could be a stray deer crossing the road. This doesn't just affect us right now. Georgia is most affected state by suburban sprawl.
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By the people for the People

People cause this to occur. The more people the more suburban sprawl, the more people the more workers to biuld urban and suburban places. So you can say that we are the problem to ourselves and the environment around us.

The Solution

People have come up with many solutions, though in 1999 President Al-Gore proposed that every suburban/ urban area would be taxed if they passed green spaced that was preserved. Though as you can see it did not work. That would be the same plan for me to implement but more enforced. But I don't think that it would be in action any time soon.
WCG Suburban sprawl