Supernatural Phenomenon

by Laney Herman

The Inside Scoop on Jensen Ackles

Do you ever smell people's hair and wonder if they took a shower? Well Jensen Ackles does according to a quote found at Jensen was born March 1, 1978. He is 37 years old and he is six foot, eleven inches. His siblings are Mackenzie and Joshua. Danneel Ackles is his wife and they have one child together named Justice Jay or "JJ" for short.

Mr. Ackles' roles in 1996 consists of Mr. Rhodes, Sweet Valley High, and Cybill. He also played Eric Brady in Days of Our Lives in 1997. Another show he preformed in was Dawson's creek. In 2005 he started playing Dean Winchester in the show Supernatural that is still airing today. Other talents he has include singing, directing, and modeling.

During his career he won many awards. He is a two time Daytime Emmy Winner. For his role in Days of Our Lives he won the Soap Opera Digest's Best Newcomer Award. He won Best Actor in a Drama Series two times. Chosen for the role as Dean Winchester in Supernatural he won the People's Choice Award for Favorite TV Bromance shared with Misha Collins, and Jared Padalecki. For his final award he won TV Guide's award for Favorite Actor. There's your inside scoop on Jensen Ackles.

Supernatural Cast signing

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The Home of the Dallas Cowboys

Have you ever wondered where the frozen margarita came from? Well you're about to find out. Dallas, TX has a population of 6,700,991 people. Dallas has 12 counties in the area. It has an elevation of 450-750 ft. The city is in the central time zone.

It has one of the hottest weather in the U.S. The climate there is humid and suptropical. It receives warm, dry north and west wind in the summer. During August heat indices vut the winters there are mild to warm temperatures.

The original name of Dallas is still unknown to this day. Some famous events in the city include the president John F. Kennedy assassination. Events in the 1960s include when Five Flags opened there. Their football team the Dallas Cowboys, started becoming famous around the same time also. If you ever visit Dallas, TX now you'll have some background on the city.

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