Drew Barrymore

Drew Barrymore

Drew Barrymore is an everyday hero because she was presented with Oprah to announce that she would donate one million dollars to the World Food Program, and affiliate of United Nations Organization, provided help to fight hunger worldwide. The foundation is responsible for carrying more than 70 tons of food to some 80 counties every year

Here is a photo of Drew Barrymore donating 1,000,000 dollars with Oprah

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She is an actress. A typical working day for an actress means starting work early and finishing it late. An actress usually works in Hollywood. At work, she has to play roles at films. To be an actress you need these skills

-You have to act very good

-You have to be beautiful

-You have to have a good memorie to memorise the paper

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I would be to be an actress because people will know me and I could have a lot of money. I would prefer to be a vet because I love animals. Also I would like to be a photographer because I like taking photos and photography