By Danielle and Harmony

What are windmills?

A windmill is a kind of building with sails that turn around in the wind to grind corn to flour. Windmills can also be used to create a great source of energy mostly in farms.

Wind mills have petal looking things at the top that go around and around controlled by the wind. Wind mills are a very sustainable things because they use wind instead of coal to create electricity.

There are many kinds of windmills. If you look at pictures they have different shapes and sizes. They also have different jobs such as creating flour or creating electricity. In farms they are definitely useful.

Who was the first one to create the windmill?

Daniel Halladay was one of the first one to create a windmill. To me its still a mystery who was the first but this is the closest we can get. Daniel Halladay had his windmill infront of his house.

What is extraordinary about Halladay's Design. It was an automatic and had the ability to turn and face the wind direction.

Where are windmills used? (top ten countries)

  1. United States
  2. India
  3. Germany
  4. France
  5. Spain
  6. The United Kingdom
  7. China
  8. Denmark
  9. Italy
  10. Portugal

Windmills are used in farms and where electricity is needed. As said before most farms and I am sure in almost in every country are far away from the city where electricity is mostly used.

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When was the Halladay Windmill created?

The Halladay Windmill was created in August 29th 1854. It was an extroudnary design. Halladay's wind mill was a new discovery. Daniel Halladay was a machinist, inventor, and businessman. the first commercially viable windmill. Halladay's Self-Governing Windmill, had been approached to work on the design by a Ellington businessman, John Burnham.

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How to create a little windmill.

This is what we can do as a class
How to make Windmill Hands-on activity project for TISP

Why are windmills so important?

They are a great source of sustainable energy. They can provide electricity to those places who need it such as farms and far villages. Farms need windmills because they are usually far away from the cities where most of the electricity is. They would need electricity just like us to live and power up things such as toasters and washing machines.

And FAR AWAY villages need it because they are FAR AWAY!!!!! The word gives it away. Like farms surely far away villages are far away from the city and need electricity just like farms and practically anyone.

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