Chester High School

25th Edition

Important Information to Share with Students

Please be advised that if an Student, has in their possession, a weapon of any type, look a-like gun, toy gun or any other look a-like weapon they will be suspended immediately and the process for a school board hearing will be initiated as well as law enforcement processing. These devices are considered weapons as they can cause bodily harm. Students/Parents/Guardians should check all backpacks and bags prior coming to school to ensure no prohibited items are in their possession. Chester High School Administration takes the safety of Our School Community very seriously.

Students Arriving at Chester High School

Once students arrive for school in the morning, they are not permitted to leave the school campus after arrival to go to the store. Once they get off the bus or dropped off they are to come into the building to begin the school day. We appreciate your support to enforce this rule for everyone's safety

Attendance Matters

Please make sure students are in school on time everyday. If a student is late they must get a late pass for the attendance to be recorded accurately. Please also provide documentation for any absence to be excused. Also if you student is late to class or does not attend it affects the daily attendance.

Hall Walking, Class Cutting and Poor Student Behavior

Please talk to your student about cutting class and walking in the hall ways. Letters will be going home to those who are constant hall walkers requesting an administrative meeting with a parent or guardian. Students cannot continue to disrupt the learning environment and this is a safety issue and concern as well. We are asking for everyone's support as we continue to improve the culture of Chester High School and continue our growth academically.

Chester High School Urban News

Our incredibly talented Students did a broadcast for the Chester High School Community detailing exciting news and events. Please give a shout out to Ms. King and her students for all their hard work and dedication to getting out the important news and events to everyone at Chester High School
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