Discipline or Child Abuse?

March 2016


It's hard walking back home from school. Every step, your walking even closer to something you like to keep behind closed doors. You know what's coming to you. Even if you didn't do anything wrong. It doesn’t matter. Only when their in the mood. You have cuts and bruises plastered all over your body to prove it. All your friends ask what happened whenever a new piece of art appears on you, but you always say it was out of your clumsiness. The weapon can change today. It could be a rough, leather belt, or maybe they decide skin-on-skin contact is the best way. The impact varies from each. It could be a callous, raging male, to a drunken, delicate female. Maybe even your older sibling wants to get a try at you. Spending hours at a time guessing if it was all your fault. This situation can be described as no other than child abuse.

Child Abuse is a worldwide problem. Ranging from verbal to sexual abuse, it’s something not a lot of people can forget, especially previous and current victims. But, some abusers don’t think of it as abuse, these people reword it as “discipline” for the child. These people feel as if they are doing it “to teach the child” respect. But there are many differences. But surprisingly, there are a few similarities that may or may not shock you.

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