this is a cool tool to use By: Itzel Lopez


In my opinion when I grow up I want to be a doctor and the reason I want to be a doctor is because I can help people fill better when they are not filling better. First I wanted to be a vet doctor, then I changed my mind and know I want to be a doctor.

what kind of doctor??????

The kind of doctor I want to be is a family doctor because if I be a family doctor then I could help all of the family's including my own family's.


. I choose to do that because I want to help other people.

. I want to help people when they are not filling well.
. when they fill sick I could tell them what is wrong with them.

Traning and Education

. study biology, chemisty, phsics, math, and English.

. spend most 2 years of medical school.

work Environment

. I would like to work in a office

. The type of dress I would have to ware would be medical scrubes

. I would like to work indoors

. I would like to work Individual

. ORDER test for nurses to identify any abnormal staff to perform

Job Description!!!!!

. more than 187,200 dollars per year.

. if you work there every year you could possibly get more then 187,200 dollars per year...

job outlook (opportunities for promotions; will this job be needed in the future?)

  • well likely temper growth. new technology will allow physicians to treat patients.
  • access will in turn increase demand for the service of physicians and surgeons.


  • you have to dress right.
  • you have to do what you are told.
  • you need to be carful with what you are doing.
  • you have to treat the patients right.
  • make sure you know what you have to do to be a doctor.


I still have because I want to help other people to fill better...!!!!