NCVPS French 3

Madame Hardy

Due Dates

Bonjour les parents! Most students are back from spring break and we are in full swing for 4th quarter! Students are currently working on Unit 9. Our live class for Unit 9 will be on Thursday, April 21st @ 6pm. Please encourage your child to attend! Please see below for the assignments that are due tomorrow as well as those coming up for next week.

Missing Work

While I encouraged students to work ahead so they could enjoy their spring break without any French work, most students thought it would be better to just fall behind on their work (surprise, surprise!). When I submitted progress reports this Tuesday only 5 students (out of 35) had an A or B. Everyone else had a D or F and 15 of those students had completed ZERO assignments so far this quarter. I will be sending out individual emails sometime next week to let you know how many assignments your child is missing but in the mean time, please encourage them to get caught up. I will not be closing any units this quarter until the end of the year which means students need to make sure they are staying on pace and not waiting for a looking closed unit to motivate them! Please don't hesitate to contact me with any concerns!