Novel Thoughts for the Librarians

Fall 2019

Saying you don't need a librarian

because you have the internet

is like saying you don't need a math teacher

because you have a calculator.

Big picture

Check it Out! Registration is open.

Teacher Day@TLA spaces are filling up fast! On Thursday, March 26, 2020, teachers and their sponsoring school librarians will be treated to activities designed to strengthen teacher/librarian collaboration and partnership, access to conference sessions that are perfect for teachers and librarians to attend together, opportunities to connect with technology, books, and authors in the TLA Exhibit Hall, and an invitation-only breakfast with award-winning author Pam Muñoz Ryan! It’s shaping up to be a great day!

Don’t wait! Visit for more information and to nominate a teacher to attend Teacher Day@TLA today!

Library Workshops: Fall 2019

Barnes & Noble: Book Talks & Game Talks!

Click on this link to register.

Check it Out! Barnes & Noble Workshop

October 10, 2019: Terry Handley invites Librarians into the stacks at Barnes & Noble for a combination of Book Talks and Game Talks! What is up and coming on the Bluebonnet Award list? 2X2? Maverick? Lone Star? Come and find out!

What about some games to add to your library? Terry invites us to join her on Game-Talks. What games are new? What games link to specific skills? How can we get these in our libraries?

11th Annual West Texas Library Inservice

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Check it Out! 11th Annual West Texas Library Inservice

Candy Freiheit and Coye Duncan are BAAAAACK!

Coming to Idalou High School on October 17, 2019. Doors open at 8:30am and we go until 3:30 pm.

Preview New books for 2020. Enjoy Speaker Presentations. Share information with Peers.

Lunch will be provided!

New Books! Great Food! Door Prizes!

Register today because seating is limited.

Check it Out! TexQuest: Tips & Trick to Share Digital Resources

October 23, 2019: Discover ways to promote and integrate TexQuest in your school/district. Review all TexQuest resources, as you create links to share via emails, websites, or library/learning management systems. Bring a laptop with access to your email to find and share appropriate classroom materials as you learn. Access to Google Drive is helpful, but not required.

Connecting with Books~ Dawn Smith: Frenship High School

Click on this link to view the Slide Show.

Check it Out! Connecting with Books: by Dawn Smith

Looking for a way to help teachers and students connect with books? Dawn Smith, of Frenship ISD, has shared a PowerPoint that does just that!

Whether Book Talks are live, over a PowerPoint, or on Social Media, don't stop promoting reading!

If you have a great way of sharing books with your staff and students, email me at to share it out!

Check it out! Instruct with

TeachingBooks' Instruct menu is a great resource to share with classroom teachers. Literacy Connections, Standards Connections, Ready-to-Use Activities, Special Collections, and Book-of-the-Day.

Sign in to your account and see how this resource helps instruction!

Texas Library Association

Buyers Guide, Publications, Reading Lists, Library News and More!

What Can Your Librarian Do For You? (Info-Cubes)

How do you advertise what you do in your library? The Info-Cube is a clever way to reach out to teachers and let them know the many ways you can help them.

Create your own cube.

Print it.

Cut it. Fold it.

Hand it out!


Click on the link to create your own, personalized Info-Cube.

Region 17 ESC Library Steering Committee

I am blessed to work with such wonderfully brilliant people that keep this project rolling!

I'd like to publicly thank the Region 17 ESC Library Steering Committee:

High School Member

Elizabeth Jackson, Seminole High School, Seminole ISD

At-Large, Small School

Stephanie Jones, District Librarian/Media Specialist, Slaton ISD


Elementary Member

Kori McNeal, Preston Smith Elementary, Lubbock ISD


High School Member

Kristi Starr, Coronado High School, Lubbock ISD


Middle School Member

Brenda Cunningham, Lubbock Cooper Middle School


Middle School Member

Stacey Allen, Seminole Jr. High

School Member

Melanie Ragland, Lockney ISD

School Member

Lacy Sage, Roosevelt ISD

Interested in Serving on the Library Steering Committee?

If you would like to have a voice on what trainings, resources, and the direction we are heading, email me to talk about serving on the Steering Committee.

Region 17 Education Service Center

Check it out: Do you have a question? Want to share an idea? Just looking to bounce some ideas off of someone? Email, tweet, or call.