Novel Thoughts for the Librarians

Fall 2020

Reading gives us...

Someplace to go

When we

Have to stay

Where we are.

~Mason Cooley

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Region 17: Book Fair Guidance

In response to a question that came in, I sent out a survey to see how you, the Librarians of Region 17, are holding Book Fairs. I also reached out to Liz Philippi from the Texas State Library and Archives Commission. The results of those who responded are below.

Conversation with Liz Philippi:

  • How are school libraries conducting book fairs? Most of the schools I know of are having virtual book fairs, this is from reading emails on the LM_Net listserve.

  • Is there any guidance on how those should be conducted? I am not sure if a face to face option would work, I think that depends on whether or not your area is experiencing large outbreaks of COVID, and what your schools and parent want.

  • Is face-to-face with PPE acceptable? If a school library wants to have an in-person option it would need to be clearly communicated to parents and safety precautions need to be aligned with the district protocol. The library would also need to have the district’s blessing and approval before doing this. Some of the vendors listed below offer a drive-by option too.

  • Are virtual book fairs the only way to conduct them? Many schools, before the pandemic, were offering a virtual component to their book fairs to allow grandparents, aunts & uncles, etc. the opportunity to buy books for kids. It will depend on the specific community and culture.

  • Is there a hybrid model that is suggested? Scholastic, Follett, and Barnes and Noble all offer a virtual option, see the links below. There might also be local book stores that offer a book fair option.



Barnes and Noble

Check it out! Single Sign-On (SSO) or Learning Management System Information (LMS) & TexQuest

How do I integrate TexQuest provider information into our district's single sign-on (SSO) or Learning Management Systems (LMS)? Login to your district's TexQuest site and visit the FAQs tab at

Contact information and instructions are found on this page for each of the TexQuest providers.

Check it Out! Notes from TexQuest Virtual Learning Conference

Looking for free learning on different TexQuest Resources for your campus or district educators? The TexQuest Virtual Learning Conference may be exactly what you need. Trainers from Texquest content providers created live webinars - all took place on Thursday, April 16 and Friday, April 17. Please share this information. All educators from your district are welcome to learn from as many sessions as they'd like.

Step 1: View the session titles you are interested in from our schedule at (The links are no longer accepting responses).

Step 2: Click on the Session and Handouts link at the top of the page to view Slides and Handouts from the sessions you would like to know more about.

If you need further clarification, don't forget these important TexQuest Links below.

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Check it Out! TexQuest Zoom Mornings for Distance Learning

TexQuest has focused its efforts on helping you use the tools you already have in your arsenal.

Recently TexQuest hosed "Zoom Mornings".

Click on the Notes section below each session to view what was discussed.

Check it Out! TexQuest News Smore

If you are looking for a little more news on what TexQuest is doing, follow this link to the TexQuest News Smore. Check out the many topics from TexQuest: What's New, Resources Available, Pre-Made Bookmarks, Flyers, Presentations and More, Training Opportunities, and much, much more.

Click Here to Access the TexQuest News Smore.

Check it Out! Free Resources for Digital Learning.

Thanks to so many different Educational Resources for stepping up and ensuring that teachers, students, and parents have the resources they need to continue learning.

Below is a list of different free resources made available as a response to the COVID-19 outbreak.

If you have a great way of sharing books with your staff and students, email me at to share it out!

Check it Out! Blackout Bingo!

From Frenship ISD's Laurie Davis! Thank you, Laurie!

Blackout Bingo is a great way to engage your students (and teachers) in some fun reading. The Bingo Card is a great way to have some friendly classroom to classroom competition. No classrooms right now? No problem. You can easily adapt this to single student play.

Click on the link to the right to access the document.

Lubbock ISD Librarians hope you find this website helpful as you seek suggestions for what to read next. You'll find free resources during the COVID-19 pandemic, lists from the Texas Library Association, suggestions from LISD librarians, book talk videos from LISD Librarians, and book trailers all designed to help you find your next great book!

Check it Out! Connecting with Books: by Dawn Smith

Looking for a way to help teachers and students connect with books? Dawn Smith, of Frenship ISD, has shared a PowerPoint that does just that!

Whether Book Talks are live, over a PowerPoint, or on Social Media, don't stop promoting reading!

Connecting with Books~ Dawn Smith: Frenship High School

Click on this link to view the Slide Show.

ABDO: Instant Access to Distance Learning

Digital products are available for free now through June 2020.

TexQuest: Digital Resources

NEW! special offer to new TexQuest subscribers. Just go to sign up tab and complete the form. TexQuest will process form, send you your credentials for immediate access and will bill districts next September

Check it out! Instruct with

TeachingBooks' Instruct menu is a great resource to share with classroom teachers. Literacy Connections, Standards Connections, Ready-to-Use Activities, Special Collections, and Book-of-the-Day.

Sign in to your account and see how this resource helps instruction!

Texas Library Association

Buyers Guide, Publications, Reading Lists, Library News and More!

Region 17 ESC Library Steering Committee

I am blessed to work with such wonderfully brilliant people that keep this project rolling!

I'd like to publicly thank the Region 17 ESC Library Steering Committee:

High School Member

Elizabeth Jackson, Seminole High School, Seminole ISD

At-Large, Small School

Stephanie Jones, District Librarian/Media Specialist, Slaton ISD


Elementary Member

Kori McNeal, Preston Smith Elementary, Lubbock ISD


High School Member

Kristi Starr, Coronado High School, Lubbock ISD


Middle School Member

Brenda Cunningham, Lubbock Cooper Middle School


Middle School Member

Stacey Allen, Seminole Jr. High

School Member

Melanie Ragland, Lockney ISD

School Member

Lacy Sage, Roosevelt ISD

Interested in Serving on the Library Steering Committee?

If you would like to have a voice on what trainings, resources, and the direction we are heading, email me to talk about serving on the Steering Committee.

Region 17 Education Service Center

Check it out: Do you have a question? Want to share an idea? Just looking to bounce some ideas off of someone? Email, tweet, or call.