Unhealthy Eating

By: Lindsey McCallum

Eating unhealthy can be a very disastrous habit . It can lead to many illnesses.There are numerous reasons that people eat unhealthy. An abundance of people eat unhealthy because of emotions.

Why do people eat unhealthy foods?

One of the reasons people choose unhealthy foods is because of emotions. Emotional eating is when people use food as a way to deal with feeling instead of to satisfy hunger. Diets are a big no-no because going through the stress of diets can resort to emotional eating.

What is ''comfort'' food?

Another reason is "comfort" food. We all have that one food that makes us feel content. Interestingly they may vary according to mood and/or gender. Studies show that happy people turn to pizza and sad to ice-cream and cookies. Researchers have found that high in-fat foods trigger the part of your brain that makes you feel content and safe.

Unhealthy foods and how to prevent from eating them

Many people eat food they think is healthy, but have you ever actually read the nutrition label? Some examples of these unhealthy foods in disguise include; veggie chips, anything reduced fat, juice, granola, bananas, fruit snacks, flavored water, and a lot more. But lucky for you, there are alternatives. For example, air popped popcorn, dried fruit, steamed veggies, or you could even squeeze lemon into your water to give it a different flavor.
Unhealthy eating can really affect your life. Unhealthy eating can result in heart disease, obesity, or even diabetes. So please stay healthy and think about what your eating.
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