11th Grade Eportfolio

Salena Huntsinger

Competency 1

Competency 1: Care for and contribute to your community with collaboration, leadership, and respect.

Description: Since I am in my junior year it's becoming more and more important to get my community service hours in. This year I feel MEC has had a lot more opportunities for students to do this and I feel that each family having an organization to help as their mission has really helped with this. I have been able to get a lot more involved in my community service hours. This month on December 8th I went an volunteered with a group of students from here at MEC and a few from Mcdowell High. We went to Broughton Hospital in Morganton and we wrapped presents for the patients.


This was something I got an email about mid last week and was told that the first 15 to sign up would get to go, so I made sure to sign up! This assignment helped me get hours, but it also taught me a lot in general. I learned that we all worked better together and we got over 700 gifts wrapped and boxed up. I also saw that the people there don't get very much or have anyone to come see them, this made me realize how much I take the holidays and my family for granted. I'm always worried about presents and then complain when I have to go to a ton of different Christmas parties, but I realize now how lucky I am to get all of the many things I get, and also how blessed I am to have so much family to spend the holidays with.

Reflect: I really enjoyed this experience and I would really love to continue going in the future years to come. I feel I learned so much about myself and others from this and I am so glad I got to do this. This will help me to remember how I need to be more thankful for all I have as well. If I had to do anything differently I'd like to have different people go, I feel that some goofed off and weren't into what they were doing and it really irritated me and others.

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Competency 2

Competency 2: Take responsibility for your own learning, plan for your future college and career, advocate for yourself, and persevere.

Description: The assignment I chose to represent this competency was my college collage that we did in seminar class. It was assignment that we did on google draw. We had several things we had to know about each college such as GPA and SAT requirements.

Analyze: I chose this as my artifact because it shows that I took control of my future and was able to get feedback about potential colleges I could apply to. This helped me to see what each college had to offer and let me know if they had the career of study that I intended on entering into which was nursing. This assignment also helped me learn how to navigate on a college website which is something that I will continue to use over the years.

Reflect: I was happy with the assignment because it taught me many things that will be of help to me when I start applying to colleges. If I had to do anything differently I would look and see if they had any classes that I could take as pre cursors here to get them out of the way, which something I did when I researched WCU on my own. When I begin applying to colleges next year It will be less of a load on me now that I already have some idea of what the colleges offer and how they will benefit me and my future goals. I am going to continue to research many colleges so that I have a variety of options and now that I can navigate on the websites and I know what things to look for it should make the process less complicated.

Competency 3

Competency 4

Competency 4: Interpret and analyze text and use textual evidence.

Description: I am currently in English 112 and being able to analyze text and use textual evidence is a big part of that class. Recently I had to read a poem by Robert Frost called "The Road Not Taken". I then had to right an essay relating to a big decision I have made while using textual evidence to relate it to the poem.

Analyze: I feel this assignment really helped me to use textual evidence because the poem itself was really hard to understand, so I had to read it several times and read a summary poem myself to understand it. I think the textual evidence really helped to link my decision to the one in the poem. I also learned how to site a poem in text and on works cited page by doing this.

Reflect: I wouldn't change anything about this assignment if I were to redo it because I feel it really taught me a lot. I think learning to use textual evidence is beneficial for everyone, I think it helps you to better understand the text in general. I also think learning to site a different kind of resource then what I am usual to was a good learning experience and now I know how to site poems in the future.

Competency 5

Competency 5: Understand and use numbers, data, mathematical formulas, and finances.

Description: I am currently in MAT 143 this semester and this class has really helped to refresh my memory on the things I learned in other math classes especially math 3 as well as taught me knew things I didn't know. We do online assignments and I feel each of those things have helped me to learn more.

Analyze: The Online assignments that we have to do on my math lab have really helped me this semester. You have a certain number of problems to do for each section we talk about you can get it wrong 3 times and after that it gives you a similar problem, so no matter how many you miss you still have the chance to get a 100 and I feel that really helps me to continue trying to understand what I did wrong and helps me to get it right so that I can do it on the test.

Reflect: I wouldn't change anything about these assignments because I feel they are good for all students and they help us see what things we are doing wrong and the help button will walk you step by step through a similar problem and that way you can take notes if needed and it will get you prepared for the test.I really love that Mrs. Culp gives us this resource it really helps me to prepare myself for test that we do after each section.

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Competency 6

Competency 6: Communicate clearly, elegantly, and creatively in a variety of formats.

Description: I have public speaking this semester so I thought it would be a good idea to use one of my assignments to tell about. Many of our assignments we present to the class as well as post them onto our class blog and everyone in the class is able to read them. One of our resent stories was to write about something that influenced us. I told about my brother getting in a bicycle wreck and how scary it was, and how it made me learn not to take people for granted. I had to read this to the class, I knew the story like the back of my hand so I didn't use the paper too much and my emotions started showing and I got teary eyed talking about it, but I held it together.

Analyze: This assignment showed that I could communicate to my class in a good way and the blog is the creative part. This assignment was one of the first ones we presented in class, I was really nervous at first, but once I got up there it came so natural to me. I think it helped that I knew the story so well because I could better engage with my audience.

Reflect: I don't think I would change anything about how I did this assignment because I feel I presented fairly well especially being able to hold my emotions in and not use my paper, which is something big we have been talking about in class. I think for future presentations I should read them over several times so I can get a good flow of the story so that I'm not looking at my paper so that I can keep a good flow when presenting like I did with this one. I think bringing more emotion and personal stories into the class will engage the audience and help them connect with my story.

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Competency 7

Competency 7: Use technology ethically and skillfully.

Description: My Seminar classes have always introduced me to new technology. I have done many things this year in my 11th grade seminar, such as my e-portfolio on Smore, my career video on WeVideo, and google drawling on my google drive for my college collage project.

Analyze: I have chosen to tell about my career presentation that I did on WeVideo. I had used this site before in my seminar class from 10th grade, but I was still lost on some of the concepts that went into the site. I also didn't know how to do many things on the site, such as changing font size and color, and adding music. I was to pick a career of my interest which was Nurse Midwifery. We were to include pictures, music, and answer the questions about our career that we included into our previous essay on the career.

Reflect: I feel that this assignment introduced me to the basic needs for a presentation. It was more than just a basic power point like most of us our used to. I was also able to learn a lot about my career in the process of doing this. I feel that becoming more familiar with WeVideo will help me in quite a bit in the future. It's a site that I can use for many of my classes and I feel that it will better engage my audience unlike a traditional power point.

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