What To Visit Along the Nile River

By Konner Hellenbrand

Aswan High Dam

The Aswan High Dam is one of the biggest dams in the world, and was built in 1970 in Aswan Egypt. It was built for many reasons. First of all the dam was made to manage the flooding of the Nile; and second to generate hydroelectricity. The dam uses turbines and water to produce this hydroelectricity. The dam does not give off pollution, but does kill a decent a mount of fish.

Lake Victoria

Lake Victoria is source of White Nile. It is a very large lake but shallow. For many years people didn´t know the Lake Victoria existed explorers searched the Nile for the source of the White Nile and found Lake Victoria. The lake is surrounded by rolling hills and is popular place for boating.


Cairo Egypt

Cairo is a huge city and is the capital of Egypt, and has over a million people. Cairo is only 600 miles from the Aswan High Dam. The Nile river cut strait through the city, and is used for many thing, one being transportation.

Farmland along the Nile

The land along the Nile has been used for farming for thousands of years, farmers used the Nile to help their farms in many ways, it helps them farmers grow plants, and helps them by supplying them with water and food.