Edwin Jeans

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Information and History About Stylish Edwin Jeans

Edwin denims were founded on the core values of innovation, craftsmanship, and superior materials and fabrics. Everything is done in-house, from the denim fabric production to garment dyeing, hand washing, and finishing. This way every step can be monitored for the quality that Edwin has come to be known for. This Japanese company started out small with just one goal: to offer affordable and high quality denim products to the people of Japan. Now it has grown immensely and operates internationally but without ever sacrificing the important feature of handmade quality.

Founded in 1947 by K.K. Tsunemi, Edwin was started because of a passion for jeans. After he returned from America, Tsunemi was driven to provide extraordinary jeans to Japanese customers who craved the pants from America. Unfortunately, denim was not yet produced in Japan at the time, so Tsunemi was relegated to imported used jeans from the US. These garments were often dirty, worn out, or torn, forcing Tsunemi and his team to do a great deal of repair and sewing before these jeans could be sold to the public.

Tsunemi wasn’t content. He wanted more. In the 1950s, denim was domestically produced in Japan, but it was of inferior quality. So he invested time and money into creating his own denim to work with. In 1961, Tsunemi crafted the first real pair of Edwin jeans. And so Edwin denims was truly born that day. With his high quality, heavy ring-spun denim clocking in at 16oz, Tsunemi was able to create jeans that he felt could compete with the ones from America in quality and design. He was finally ready to face Japan and, eventually, the world with his superior jeans products.

When it comes to innovation, few companies have been so consistently successful as Edwin. A great deal of thought and time has been put into the cuts and silhouettes of products like Edwin Jeans and jackets. The garments also represent an exciting meeting of East and West by taking the American classic jean and coloring it with traditional Japanese indigo dyes. The company even invented some of the most popular denim looks like the “stonewashed” look, the “old wash” look, and the beloved “new vintage” look. Whiskering was also a dye and wash process that was popularized by Edwin. They have long been the leaders in innovative and quality denim products and for very good reason.

Because Edwin jeans is always ready to experiment and try exciting new looks, they never have to fear about being left behind in the market. By pairing up with other creative businesses, trying new looks, and using technology in exciting new ways, they have brought the classic denim look into the future. Edwin jeans aim to produce truly authentic denim products made with a love of careful craftsmanship throughout the entire process. By utilizing technology, superior fabrics, and valuing the need for hand dyeing and washing processes, Edwin jeans has managed to put itself solidly on top of the international denim market.