How to be green

Buy Green Materials

When shopping, look for materials such as computers, calculators, notebooks, etc., that are made from recycled materials - That way trash isn't just trash, it's recycled supplies

Stock reusable pens - Then you don't fill the landfill with good pens

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Save Energy

Buy energy efficient lights - When you are in your office, save energy

Turn off lights when not in use - Why waste energy when you aren't in there?

Enable power management on technology to keep them from running and wasting energy when not in use - Why waste energy when you aren't using it?

Don't heat or cool an office that isn't being used - Why waste energy when you don't need to?

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Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle

Use a recycling bin by to your trashcan - Recycling is supposedly good for the environment

Print only what is needed - Saving paper could be considered good for future trees

Use eco-conscious paper - If you do print, do it on recycled trash paper

Go digital and instead of keeping paper files, keep them on your computer - less paper use

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