The Mangus Messenger


Dear Parents

We have had an amazing start to 2016 and I think all of our students have grown at least an inch! During our first staff meeting, the faculty asked our 6th graders to put together a video of Hallway Expectations so that we could train all the classes on how to properly behave in the hallways. Our students took the challenge and completed it in record time. Not only did they produce the footage, they were scheduled (in 10-minute blocks) to present the video/expectations to each and every classroom. We had a great deal of positive feedback and I was extremely proud of their professionalism. They are truly becoming the leaders I know they can be.

Our New ARPS Classroom Website

If you have visited our classroom Assignment Board during the past month, you have noticed a link to our new website at the very top. I will be shutting down the Weebly site this weekend, so please bookmark our new one via the ARPS website.

Go to the ARPS Homepage (
Click on Personnel
Click on Faculty
Scroll down to find 6th Grade Teacher
Click on Classroom Website

As part of an effort to provide you with consistency across classrooms, you will find the same tabs on all of the ARPS classroom sites.
  • Classroom News: A blog to update you of classroom events or other tid-bits to share
  • Assignment Board: Homework information (just as you are used to)
  • Resources: Websites or other "resources" you may need to access from home (this may include anything like instructional notes, support videos, practice sites, etc.)
  • Home: A link to get you back to the ARPS Homepage

Click this link for quick access to our site: Mangus Classroom Website


We had a great time learning about MLK, Jr. with our buddies today. Please read our blog post on the Classroom News page for more information.

Questions to Ask

Discuss the following (if they were practicing active listening, they should be able to share):
  1. Astrolabe
  2. Aztec Calendar Stone
  3. Roman Calendar

Explain what MLK, Jr. does, as a speaker, to pull in his audience (ask for at least 3-4 pieces of evidence).

How does word choice allow the author of Skeleton Man to create the mood of his story? Ask for examples.

Girls Leadership (copied from ARPS Messenger)

Attention parents of K-6 grade girls: We have the opportunity to bring to our school a program designed to foster leadership, self-confidence, and interpersonal intelligence in girls. We would like to gauge your interest in this program.

If you are interested in attending a Girls Leadership seminar with your daughter, please email Laura Loomis at In the email, please include the grade your daughter is in as well as which nights of the week you would prefer. If you're not sure, or just want to learn more about Girls Leadership, please visit their website at

Calendar Reminders

  • Fri, 1/15 – NO SCHOOL – Teacher Work Day
  • Mon, 1/18 – NO SCHOOL – MLK, Jr. Holiday
  • Fri, 1/22 – Dress Down Day for $1
  • Thurs, 1/28 – 4th, 5th, and 6th Grade Music Performance at 7 pm (ECC)
  • Fri, 1/29 – ECC (PE Shoes)


  • Thurs, 2/4 – School Group Pictures
  • Fri, 2/5 – 4th – 6th Grade Spelling Bee
  • Thurs, 2/11 – Valentine’s Day Party from 2-3:00 pm
  • Fri, 2/12 – NO SCHOOL – Teacher Work Day
  • Mon, 2/15 – NO SCHOOL – President’s Day


  • Wed, 3/2 – Early Release at 1:05 pm

Enjoy your long weekend!