Marc Blazejowski

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Marc Blazejowski: Experience the Action of a Boston Bruins Hockey Game!

There are fewer sports in the world today that can compare to the action that hockey can provide. With fist fights happening in a high number of games, people enjoy the adrenaline and the constant action of one of the few sports played on ice. For people in the Boston area, the hockey team to root for is the Boston Bruins. Founded in 1924, this team is still around, and still just as active in the National Hockey League as before.

In 1924, the National Hockey League was born and brought into the United States thanks to a grocery tycoon named Charles Adams. Living in Boston, he wanted a team in the city he loved. Thus, the Boston Bruins were born. Named for the old English word for "brown bear", this new national team played with as much heart and force as their namesakes put forth. It wasn't until 1929 that they really came into their own and started winning games.

After many ups and downs in their history; being bought and sold during the World War II era, expansions, and different upheavals, the Bruins built themselves into a team to be remembered. In 2008, they regained some of the respect they lost after some trying times with previous owners and managers, but they worked to get back on top. It was a slow crawl, but one that can be respected.

Nowadays, after a Stanley Cup win and a few other trips to the playoffs, the Bruins are building a reputation that was dirtied for a few years. They still draw crowds to their games, and there is still as much action in them as there was before. Marc Blazejowski has been a fan of the Bruins for many years, and he enjoys seeing them play, whether live or on television.