On sale now: Titanic tickets

Tickets range from- 4,500-40$

Facts about the ship

1. The titanic is 268 meters

2. Ten decks are on this ship

3. things to do on board swimming- if you are first class, gym, Turkish baths and many more fun things

4. There is fresh meat, grapes, apples, and quarts of ice cream are some of the foods on the ship

5. This ship allows first class dogs and provides cages for them

6. Largest passenger steamship made


First Class: Living in a luxury, first class includes a nurse for children, a maid, a cook, a valet and a chauffeur. Fist class has a cafe, tea gardens, a barber shop, a heated swimming pool and many more nice things in first class you are aloud bring your pets (mostly dogs) and has single beds.

Second Class: Have bunk beds unless you buy a single person room you get a single bed, no private toilets, sinks and mirrors were provided in the rooms, bed linen changed everyday by ship's stewardesses and lastly there are tiles on the floor.

Third Class: Clean, automatic flushing toilets, meals are very simple for third class, tea in mid afternoon to enjoy with beef and biscuits, class passengers have to make their own food, later in the evening they had coffee with soup and more biscuits.

Ticket Prices

First class- 4,350$

Second class- 60- 150$ depending on double or single room

Third class- 15-40$