Edward Seo and Srujan Mupparapu

Quick Information about Algeria

Capital- Algiers

Head of Government- President Abdelaziz Bouteflika

Currency- Algerian Dinars

Population- 38,813,722 People

Location- Borders along the Mediterranean Sea, between Morocco, Libya, and Tunisia

Official Language- Arabic

Official Religion- Islam (Muslim)


Arab- Berber is the main ethnic group of Algeria (Social).

Libya, Morocco, Tunisia, Mali, & Mauritania are countries that surround Algeria (Geographic).

GDP per capita is $7,500, low in comparison to other countries (Economic).

Exports that Algeria ship are petroleum, natural gas, light industries, mining, electrical, petrochemical, & food processing (Economic).

Republic is the government type of Algeria (Political).

Islam is the main religion of Algeria (Social).

Algiers is the capital of Algeria (Political).

Political- Flag of Algeria

This is the Official Flag of Algeria. The star and the crescent in the middle of the flag represents Islam, the main religion of Algeria. White represents peace, green represents prosperity, and red symbolizes martyr blood.

Economic- Petroleum

This is a picture of a petroleum factory in Algeria. Petroleum is one of Algeria's major exports.

Geographic- Map of Algeria

This is a physical map of Algeria. Algeria borders the Mediterranean Sea to the North, and is surrounded by Morocco, Tunisia, Libya, Niger, Mali, and Mauritania.

Social- Arab-Berber

This is a picture of a girl from Arab-Berber, the main ethnic group of Algeria. The girl's clothes and earrings are traditional clothes the members of the Arab-Berber wear.