Innovative thinker

Puzzle solver

Having different views to the same problem

It is Vince Vaughn and Owen Wilson pitching an idea.

This can be related to my creative thinking, because it is building something from nothing. Although it has already been created, things like this happen very regularly when building apps or working on the next big thing. Everyone needs a creative thinker to advance their corporations or businesses.

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The Internship Movie CLIP - Exchange-O-Gram (2013) - Vince Vaughn Comedy HD

Excepting challenges

This is just representative of a puzzle.

This puzzle is well known to be extremely difficult but those who know how to be extremely easy. I like how there are many different possibilities to each puzzle. I like a good challenge and don't mind spending the time to working out each situation. It helps me to think logically and evaluate situations other might seem repulsive.

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Much more than a penny for your thoughts

This article mainly talks about think tanks in a political scene, "National Affairs".

The way I associate with this article is more related to the characteristics of the people they use. "Strategic nerve center for a network of thinkers, activists, and organizations committed to a coherent agenda of conservation reform," (Troy) which is more related to the created thinking that leads to strong innovative thinkers. With these outside the box thinking, you are more versatile to businesses.

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