Saving vs. Investing

Which will you choose?

Why is Investing important?

Investments are basically to grow you money. Investments are made to secure your future, to meet urgent,unforeseen medical needs and to meet up expenses that you foresee will come up at some time in your life.

Investments not only add to your wealth,, but help you maintain your finances.

Why Saving is important?

We save, basically, because we can't predict the future. If we could, we would know precisely how much money we would need for the things that we want and need in the future. But because we can't do this, the need to save money for the future is vital.

Saving Options

Investment Tips & Options

How To Get Started

Always start with research. This is the most important thing when trading anything. Next establish a break-even point, this will ultimately help you decide whether a stock is worth buying or selling. Now the rest is up to you! Just make sure you don't hold on too long, or get out too early.

Investment Options: Stocks vs. Bonds

Stocks represent shares of ownership in a corporation. A Stockholder is actually one of many owners of a Publicly Owned Corporation. If a Corporation dissolves for any reason, the owners of Common Stock receive the value of the sold assets of the Corporation.

Bonds are DEBT. They are sold by the Corporation in order to raise money for various purposes for use by the company.