Ryan D


Death. Disease. Ticks. Typhus is the one Disease that you do not want to get. It comes from the blood suckers of the world, and comes with excruciating symptoms. Typhus is the one disease that every person fears

how you can get typhus and what are symptoms

The dieses is transferred by animals an example of the animals that carry the dieses are mites, ticks, and lice, and these animals may came from uncleanness. After receiving typhus the following symptoms may occur headaches, skin rash, and a high fever.


The doctors that treat typhus do many things to treat the dieses. They prepare vaccines to prevent it. But if the person gets typhus they use antibiotics like tetracycline and chloramphenicol. They also spray the persons cloths to kill the bugs that spread typhus. So typhus mas many precautions and treatments to treat it.
So typhus has some painful symptoms, bad ways to get it, and many precautions. But typhus is still one of the worst thing to get.

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